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Running low on things to blog about? Are you having a writer’s block? Or are you just looking for more ideas? Well, I have a list of 99 things you can write about. Let’s go!


  1. Introduction – if you are a new blogger like me, it’s always great to have an introductory post about yourself, even if it’s just an extended version of your ‘About Me’ page. This can include things like your hobbies and why you started your blog.
  2. Mental Illness – Like many others, I suffer from mental illness and it’s always comforting to know that other people are in the same boat as me. So, you could write about your experience with mental illness and talk about the symptoms or the ways that you have overcome different aspects and which aspects you are still struggling with.
  3. Helpful tips are your niche
  4. Helpful tips about something else you are passionate about or something that you know could better someone’s information about that subject. For me, its animals so I would write about dogs or cats and the misconceptions owners have or things/behaviours that are normal for a dog but owners don’t realise.
  5. Interview someone – Interviewing someone else is always a great idea. They don’t have to be famous or well-known in any way, just someone with a great story to talk about.
  6. Reviews – Write a review about something you love or something you hate. It doesn’t have to be something new, like the newest phone or a new movie, it can just be a favourite book or the pizza you had the other day.
  7. Ask a question on Reddit and post the responses.
  8. Group interview – Grab a group of people and ask them questions, and talk about the different responses.
  9. Guest post – Ask someone to write a post for you. Just remember to give credit where required.
  10. Promotional post – Write a post promoting someone or another blog.
  11. Glossary/Terminology post – Does your niche have some big terminology? Why not write a post explaining the most common terms or the terms you use most in your post’s?
  12. Your music playlist.
  13. Question and Answer – Ask your followers to send in some questions and then post the answers. You can also make a separate post later but as a vlog or podcast.
  14. Top 10/20/50 lists.
  15. Have you written a short story or poem? Why not post it and see what your followers think?
  16. Common myths about your niche.
  17. Start a poll or survey for your followers to answer.
  18. Your achievements vs your failures.
  19. Your bucket list.
  20. A-Z list – This can be animals or colours or something that relates to your niche.
  21. Write a profile about someone you admire or are inspired by.
  22. Start a quiz.
  23. Life Hacks.
  24. Compare something in your niche – For example, the price or quality of fruits at the supermarket compared to the local fruit shop.
  25. Make a list that is related to your niche – If you’re an insurance agent, make a post about which insurance provider is the best for ‘you’.
  26. A day in the life of …… (insert niche).
  27. Have a competition/giveaway.
  28. Reveal a secret about yourself.
  29. Share a recent experience.
  30. First day at a new job.
  31. Reply to news articles or other opinion-based posts in your own post.
  32. Share someone else’s post, with the appropriate credit.
  33. Post your CV/resume, minus the personal details of course.
  34. Places I want to visit and why.
  35. Places I have visited and why they were great/not so great.
  36. Pro’s and con’s list.
  37. Host a ‘live’ event.
  38. Have an appreciation post to your followers after each milestone of your blog.
  39. Post of a picture of something handwritten, like your notes for one of your posts.
  40. Re-blog some of your longer responses to comments or feedback.
  41. Post your FAQ.
  42. Shout out post.
  43. Showcase a follower or reader of the week/month.
  44. The best iPhone or Android apps.
  45. Before and after post – For example, your workspace.
  46. Make a list just like this one (100 things to blog about)
  47. Write an open letter.
  48. Provide weekly updates about a certain post or activity, for example, your weight loss journey.
  49. A letter to your 16-year-old self.
  50. Post about what’s on your mind or how you feel today.
  51. Behind the scenes of your blog. This could include a photo of your workspace or your favourite to write, like a coffee shop, or your must-haves before you start writing which could be a coffee and some soft music.
  52. Try a new experience and post about it.
  53. Make a progression post – How you answered a question last year versus how you answer it now.
  54. Your manifesto.
  55. Rant about something that really gets on your nerves.
  56. Make a digital time capsule.
  57. Provide advice on different topics.
  58. Check out Quora to get an idea of what people want to know about.
  59. If you have a medical condition, you can talk about it and your experiences with it.
  60. Dare your followers to do something and make a post of their responses. Be mindful to only dare something that isn’t dangerous or illegal.
  61. Create an urban myth.
  62. Interview 2 people who have opposite opinions or different views about something – For example, interview an elderly person about their thoughts on millennial’s and vice versa with a millennial.
  63. Illusions that society clings to.
  64. What notable thing has happened to you this week or month? This can also be a regular series.
  65. 10 or 20 facts about you.
  66. Essential items for …. – this could be a first date or a road trip.
  67. Outfit of the day picture/description.
  68. 10 or 20 things you can’t live without.
  69. Your weekly or monthly goals.
  70. Your fitness routine.
  71. Give up something for a month and write about your experience.
  72. Your current obsessions.
  73. Write about your personal life motto.
  74. Your traditions/routines – This could include going to bed at 10pm every night or only getting married after you turn 30-years-old.
  75. Post about that conference you went to or the speech you made at an event.
  76. The hardest parts of being a … (insert niche/job).
  77. If your favourite book is made into a movie, who would you cast?
  78. The best and worst things that you have learned this month/year.
  79. Quotes or tips from experts in your field/niche.
  80. 100 things list – This could include the 100 things you love, hate or swear by)
  81. 4 steps to a perfect … – This could be blog related, cooking or maybe gardening.
  82. Reverse bucket list – What have you already done?
  83. Your New Year’s resolutions.
  84. A photo post of your pet.
  85. What’s in your bag?
  86. Photos and a description and/or process of your make up collection.
  87. Instagram or Twitter accounts to follow.
  88. Go thrift shopping and post about what you found/bought.
  89. Best budget makeup.
  90. Complete the Carl Jung personality quiz and post your results.
  91. Your ambitions.
  92. Post pictures of your tattoos and what they mean.
  93. Video blog (vlog) one of your routines. This could be your morning routine or your make up routine.
  94. Have a photo shoot and post the photos.
  95. On certain national holidays, like national cupcake day, ask your followers to send in their efforts in pictures and post your own photos if you participate.
  96. Your guilty pleasures.
  97. Your strange or funny habits.
  98. Post the top 10 books you want to read or the top 10 movies you want to see.
  99. Write a case study about your niche.


So, there are 99 things you can write about on your blog. Have I missed anything? Let me know!




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