Hey, I’m Meg and welcome to Vodka and Daisies. I am the founder and sole writer of my blog. I started my blog as a way to improve my writing skills and to share my experiences, thoughts, and passions with the world.

So, a little bit about me. I am 22 years old as of August 2018. I was originally born and raised in Ireland, where I lived until I was 10 years old. Since then, I have lived in sunny Brisbane, Australia, and soon, Victoria. I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse and have other minor qualifications in Justice, IT, Business and Graphic Design. My favourite things in the world are pineapples, reading, books, animals, music, and tattoos.

So that’s a bit about me. I’ll be going into more detail as my blog progresses. My blog is a lifestyle blog, so I’ll be posting about all the weird and wonderful things that I love or experience, or anything else that I want to tell you about.

Feel free to email me, tweet me or leave a comment on my blog or posts. I can be reached at @vodkandaisies on Instagram, meg_siobhan on Snapchat, @VDaisies on Twitter, meg@vodkaanddaisies.com or right here on vodkaanddaisies.com.





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