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Everyone has a dream that they want to fulfill in life or want to experience something that they wouldn’t usually get to experience, this is where a bucket list comes in. I have made a hundred bucket lists over my life but I either lose it, forget about it or I just keep starting a new one that also ends up getting lost in the abyss. I actually have a more recent bucket list in a cute little notebook somewhere in my house but I looked everywhere trying to find it and it is nowhere to be found, so I started yet another bucket list. I already have over 100 things on my list, some of which are partially doubled up so I will share those with you in the hope of giving you some ideas or just a good read. I will be attempting to complete most of these with the hopes of talking about each one of them a little more when I get there.

Here we go!

  1. Own a motorbike – I have always wanted a bike and would love a Harley Davidson
  2. Record and release a song
  3. Master an instrument
  4. Earn a bachelor’s degree – I’m currently looking at maybe doing Journalism
  5. Visit historical sites or monuments
    – Taj Mahal
    – Jesus’ Family Tomb
    – Concentration Camp
  1. Go skydiving
  2. Dive with sharks
  3. Meet Slash – I may have cried when I saw him play with GNR this year haha
  4. Go mushing (dog sledding)
  5. Hike up a mountain – Not Everest but maybe Kosciusko
  6. Publish a book
  7. Take a class in different industries/crafts
    – Cooking Class
    – Sewing Class
    – Fashion Illustration
    – Art Class
  8. Attend a music festival – Somehow, I still haven’t gone to one
  9. Be on the cover of a magazine – Silly I know but I think it would be interesting
  10. Go crowd surfing
  11. Meet my Doppelganger
  12. Go on a cruise – I don’t even really like cruises but I would like to do it once
  13. Fly a plane – I’ve flown a helicopter but not a plane
  14. Join a flash mob
  15. Learn as many skills as possible – I will elaborate a little bit further on
  16. Learn to Irish Dance
  17. Try authentic traditional/cultural dishes in each country
  18. Go hunting – Humanely of course
  19. Go on a world trip
  20. Learn a cool bartending trick
  21. Graffiti my name somewhere – To leave my mark on the world of course
  22. Attend a free seminar
  23. Go on an all-expenses-paid trip
  24. Work in another country
  25. Learn to cartoon/illustrate
  26. Serve food at a homeless shelter
  27. Go on a retreat – Like a spa or yoga retreat
  28. Start a charity – Probably for animals
  29. Give a seminar/teach a class
  30. Go to a shooting range
  31. Go to Pig Island
  32. Master another language
  33. Tour Ireland – Even though I grew up there, I never really explored it
  34. Own a house outright
  35. Go backpacking
  36. Go on a road trip
  37. Donate money to a cause
  38. Own/have a library
  39. Learn sign language
  40. Meditate with a Monk
  41. Go Bungee Jumping
  42. Go on a safari
  43. Fly first class
  44. Go to a casino
  45. Get married – Cliché, I know, but I never really cared much for it when I was younger
  46. Go to a masquerade ball
  47. Write a play/script
  48. Say ‘Yes’ to everything for a whole day
  49. Go to a baseball game
  50. Go to an Arsenal match – English Premier League for those who don’t follow soccer/sports
  51. Go ghost hunting – It might sound a little weird but I do have a bit of a love for the supernatural despite my even bigger love for science
  52. Experience zero gravity
  53. Take aerial silk lessons – You know that fancy swinging thing with the rope? That thing haha
  54. Foster an animal and/or a child
  55. Attend and celebrate festivals in different countries
    – Running of the bulls in Spain
    – Day of the Dead in Mexico
    – Oktoberfest in Germany
  56. Stand on the equator
  57. Go on a no-budget shopping trip
  58. Open or volunteer at an animal sanctuary
  59. Visit every state in the US
  60. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
  61. Visit Suicide Forest in Japan
  62. Intern as a Medical Examiner’s office – Like the supernatural, I also have a weird love of crime, death and anatomy
  63. Kiss under mistletoe at Christmas
  64. Visit Cat Island in Japan
  65. Invent something new – I did invent a word actually but it costs way too much to trademark it haha
  66. Voice a character in a cartoon or anime
  67. Trademark a word – I may not be able to afford it but I can still dream
  68. Learn how to pick a lock – I promise it’s only so that I can use it in an emergency if that
  69. Donate an organ to a loved one – Obviously, I hope no one that I love will need an organ but if they do, I would hope that I would be able to give them one/part of mine
  70. Visit ruins – Like Machu Picchu
  71. Visit a ghost town – I almost did this is Bali but it was ‘closed’
  72. Drive a race car
  73. See the Northern Lights
  74. Go to Lapland at Christmas
  75. Have my portrait painted
  76. Be part of a jury
  77. Mentor someone
  78. Drive a truck
  79. Walk on the Red Carpet
  80. Be interviewed – Like for the news or something along those lines
  81. Visit historical cathedrals – Like the Notre Dame
  82. Earn a Master’s degree
  83. Volunteer/work in a third world country
  84. Go to Disney Land
  85. Have a real tree for Christmas
  86. Own a horse
  87. Read every book that I own
  88. Stay in a 5-star hotel
  89. Have my own clothing line
  90. Learn a martial art
  91. Buy an old house and do it up
  92. Chase a tornado
  93. Go to the giraffe hotel
  94. Go to Kruger National Park
  95. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  96. Own a boat
  97. Get a photograph published
  98. Have my own gallery/photography exhibit
  99. Play tennis with a professional like Roger Federer
  100. Play the guitar with a famous guitarist – I would love Slash but that’s unlikely
  101. Speak at a Ted-Talks
  102. Restore a car
  103. Be a Santa’s Little Helper/Christmas Elf
  104. Make a family Christmas card
  105. Make a family Christmas card but set in the 1980’s

I will try to keep adding to this list every chance I get, but for now, there are the 110 items on my bucket list. Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your list or if you have already completed any of the ones mentioned above.




  1. Appearing on the front of a magazine isn’t all that. To everyone who knows you, they’ve seen your photo before, to anyone who doesn’t know you you’re just another face. My face was distributed nationwide to 400 offices. It may as well never have happened 😝 (but it made my Grandma very proud!).

    1. Hey Anna, thanks for the comment. I had never thought about being on the front of a magazine before until I saw someone else talk about it but whether it actually means anything or not, or if one person sees it or 100, I think it would just be an amazing experience and I would probably hang mine in my room just so I can say I’ve done it. It’s awesome that you got to do it, just to have that experience. 🙂 MX

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