My partner is a new writer like I am, although he prefers to write short stories while I prefer writing about real life and also articles. Tonight, he wrote an article for me to share with you in the hope of sharing his thoughts and experiences with/about his weight. It is a short article called An Experience above the Waist Line. Feel free to leave a comment after or share your experience with weight and obesity.



Obesity has been talked about a lot recently, more than it was 50 years ago. From those who strive for body positivity to those who try to ‘fat shame’ people, the question remains the same, what is the ideal body shape and what is the ideal weight? Those who strive for body positivity continually try to normalise obesity and try to eradicate ‘fat shaming’ and those who promote it, while fat shamers continue to use crude language and their representation of an ‘ideal person’ to promote the act of ‘fat shaming’.

My entire life I have never been the kind of person who has looked at himself with the images of others in my mind and felt like the world is unfair to me because of the lack of inclusion of people of my size. Though I do not feel ashamed of the way I look in the traditional sense, as one might do when regarding weight, it doesn’t mean I am comfortable with it. Being 24-years-old and weighing 151 kilograms is something almost unheard of. I don’t see it as something for people to pity me for, nor something where I want to be included in communities of people roughly the same build. Rather I feel an overwhelming sense of uselessness. 151 kilograms at 24-years-old, what is someone who is that heavy and young meant to do with himself, with regards to the people around him. From shortness of breath to over exhaustion, due to heavy loads or over-working myself, not to mention the underlying health risks that could occur, should I have chosen to continue that self-destructive cycle of unhealthy living is not a way to live. No, I don’t look at myself with pity and wonder why I may not look like Jason Momoa or any other celebrity, I see myself as a burden on those around me, and see myself as nothing more than a selfish person. Selfish to myself, selfish to the ones I love, and selfish to the ones I will love in the future.

Would I have any advice for those looking to slim down as I am doing now? I say not to use your waistline as an excuse to blame others, but rather use it to realise the selfishness that led you to need XXXL shirts and pants or shopping in the large and tall section of the store. Though not everyone’s story is the same, it is to the ones who know they can change that I tell my story to. The world owes you nothing but you owe it to yourself to own your world.

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