What a week(end) it has been, and there is still one more day of it left. I’ve been really productive these last couple of weeks, what with running errands, signing my boyfriend up to the gym, getting my cat’s worming treatment from the store, just to name a few.

Friday was both the best and worst day this week though. It started off great, we went shopping and went to Bunnings and I bought a new whiteboard for my room, it was great and pretty fun until it came to bringing some donations to a local Op Shop. We had 4 bags to donate that day. I always prefer to donate clothes than to sell them myself as its so much easier but I now wish that I hadn’t this time. What was initially a fun experience, running around the shop, looking at different books and antique trunks, it turned sour pretty soon after. My boyfriend and I bought some new books for ourselves and we donated the 4 big black bags of clothes before leaving. When we got home, disaster struck when my boyfriend told me that he had a taken a key ring out of one of the plastic bags and wondered why I was giving it away when I liked it so much. And that’s when it clicked. The bag that had once housed that keyring was bag number 4, the one bag that was not meant to be donated at all. It not only contained every single bag that I owned, minus a backpack or two, but it also included my passport (it was hidden in one of the bags) and a very special bag given to me by my Nana a few months before she passed.

I completely lost it. I think I cried for a good half hour after that. How could this have happened? How did he not notice that they were my good bags? How did I forget to tell him that this one particular bag didn’t need to go and was actually only there while we were renovating? God, how could I be so stupid? I’m not an overly materialistic person, I like my possessions but I probably wouldn’t care too much if some of it was stolen or accidentally thrown away or lost in transit, but this one bag would not leave my mind.

Well, we called mum and we initially had a laugh before panic ensued pretty soon afterwards. We tried calling the shop to no avail, then we called their customer service and thank god they were still taking calls. We had a chat, told them what had happened and why it was so important to get the whole plastic bag of bags back. He told us that he would send the store an email and we could pick up the next morning (today). Finally, I could sleep a little easier, well after a bottle of champagne or two first.

Today’s the day! or so we thought. We got up early, called the store to tell them we would be there soon and we left. Well, disaster struck again. They couldn’t find the bag, or they didn’t care enough to check properly. I was livid. I made the woman go look again and she came back empty-handed once again. I couldn’t believe it. They said sorry, we will keep looking, but I didn’t believe them. I tried to get them to let me go looking myself but they refused. I was shaking with both rage and sadness at this point. We went home at that point, the whole drive home was silent and I barely moved while I drove. I knew at that point that if I said even one word that I was going to break down in tears once again. When we walked in the door, mum was there waiting to hear how we went and I, yet again, just completely lost it. I was screaming and throwing things and then I broke down in tears. I had never felt so angry or upset like this before, or that I can remember.

Mum and dad were angry. They walked right out the door, hopped in the car and drove straight back to the store. My boyfriend was, at the same time, calling the store and the customer service line over and over again. We will do everything we can, they said, but I had no hope that they were even trying. As soon as mum came back, I couldn’t stop laughing at what she said to me. “They said to stop calling them so much, they have notified every possible store, every person that they thought could help in some way, so stop wasting your own time calling”. Interesting way to put it but I guess that’s what you get when you keep calling them to the point that even the shop assistants want it found faster than Lightning McQueen himself.

At this point I just needed to take my mind off it, so we put the Christmas Tree up. Probably a little early but it was exactly what I needed. The store called a few hours later. They found it! The whole black plastic bag! I actually couldn’t believe. I was convinced that some little girl was going to get my little old bag, and she would have no idea of how much I missed it or how much it really meant to me. Well, we drove straight there, there was no time-wasting now. We got there and the little bag was there! I nearly cried. They had found some of my other bags, still in the big plastic bag but most are still missing, including the bag with my passport in it. Maybe one day I’ll find some of them again but for now, I’m just happy I have the little bag back.



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