Renovations vs. Moving House

What a week! I definitely didn’t think I’d be doing so much that I would partially abandon my blog. We have been doing renovations on the house and they are just about finished (thank God!), so it’s been go, go, go for the last week or so. Oh and I finally had my first shifts at work so that’s been pretty good. Anyway, along with all of the renovations, Christmas has been quickly approaching and this year we will have a full house of guests, 9 of us to be exact (plus a dog and cat too!) in a 4 bedroom house. On top of all that, My boyfriend and I are moving to Victoria in February (I’m so excited!) so organising all of that has been on the agenda too. Which starts about 2-3 weeks ago.

We had to take all the boxes out of spare room #1 and move to spare room #2 during the floor renovations.


Hence picture #1 – the beginning of the floor renovations. We had to move everything out of each room and it was tiresome, and my god, I didn’t know one family could fit so much stuff into a couple of rooms (ok, so it was 4 rooms, the hallway and the 4 cupboards in the hallway, but my point still stands). So the back room became mum and dads new bedroom and the front living room became mine and Gilly’s (boyfriend). It was only supposed to be for a night but over a week later, our temporary bedrooms were still our bedrooms. Which brings me to my first video – moving back into our rooms day. It was a lot worse before we moved the first bed out.




Which comes to part 3 of this story. Once we got everything back into their rightful rooms, we then had to prepare for our upcoming Christmas guests. So all of the boxes in spare room #2 had to be moved into the study (my house sounds massive when I talk about it like that but it’s actually pretty tiny). This is where our next problem arose. Well, while someone was moving something into spare room #2, all the boxes fell over and went all over the floor. So, it came to the point where we now had to transfer all of the contents of the original boxes, into new ones. Doesn’t sound so bad until I realised that I am a bit of an organisational freak (You wouldn’t guess if you looked in my bedroom, it’s a right state most days). Anyway, so we got all 12? or so boxes out of each room that they were hiding away in. And since, I think, Tuesday, Gilly and I have been unpacking and repacking everything. I think we are 10 boxes down and we still have about 5 to go, and that’s not including the stuff we are yet to pack once we go through the bedroom. Which now brings me to pictures #2 and #3 – the boxes at the beginning of the week.



So, I ran out of photos, so I’ll leave it there for now. And because I enjoy sharing, even though moving states is a pretty stressful and somewhat scary yet exhilarating time/task (I’m not sure what you would call moving house here), I am going to try and keep you updated on our progress, which means that this is ‘Renovations vs. Moving House – Part 1’, actually that can be update #1 since the renovations will be finished by then (hopefully!). I’m pretty excited about this since I haven’t done a series yet so this should be fun.

Have you moved recently? or do you have any top tips for moving? Leave a note in the comments or you can email me directly at



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