There are millions (billions?) of statements, words or figures of speech said each day that become quotes, some famous, others, not so much. Everyone at least knows a few different quotes here and there, and some people live by them too. I am going to present to you my top 10 quotes, some of which I try to live by or at least remember during harder times.

Number 1:

‘Feelings are real but they aren’t reality’

-Dan Harmon – Creator of Rick and Morty


I really love this quote, well I’m not sure if you can consider it a quote since he wrote it as part of a response to a girl who is suffering from depression. But I really do love this because I was a sufferer of depression and still am a sufferer of anxiety so this gives me a little peace of mind when I am in stressful situations. Sometimes those feelings can completely take over and it’s hard to think about anything, let alone a random statement that might help to calm me, but when I do remember it, it does help, even if it just calms me down a little bit.


Number 2:

‘What beautiful blossoms we have this year, but look, this one is late. But I bet that when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all’

-Fa Zhou – Mulan’s father in Mulan


I actually have this quote written up on my whiteboard so I can read it every day. I never thought too much about this quote when I first heard it in the movie ‘Mulan’, but then one day when I was having a mini-meltdown, Gilly sent this quote to me and it has stuck ever since. I have always felt like the ‘dumb’ one or the ‘black sheep’ of my family, both immediate and extended. I have cousins that have gotten top marks in school or got their driver’s license on their first go or just thought before they spoke. I almost dropped out of school in year 11, it took me two go’s to get my learner’s licence and then three tries to get my provisional license, and I definitely don’t think before I speak, no matter how hard I try. Most of my cousins have left school and gone straight to university with big dreams in industries that I couldn’t dream of doing, like mathematics, neuroscience or architecture. I graduated from high school 4 years ago and I still can’t decide what I want to do. I have completed around 6 different certificates or diplomas in the last 5 years but as soon as each one is finished, I change my mind and decide on a completely different industry. My point is, I am that late blossom, and as infuriating as it is, once I do find my niche I will bloom bigger and brighter than before and that is one thing that really keeps me going right now.


Number 3:

‘Never regret anything, because at one time it was exactly what you wanted’



It’s a simple quote but it is probably one of the most calming and relatable quotes I have come across. I do tend to look back at things I’ve done and think ‘Jesus Christ, what was I thinking?’ but then I remember this quote and my thinking does a 180. Whatever it was, I did it for a reason, yeah it might seem ridiculous or embarrassing or stupid now but that was what I wanted or did and I shouldn’t regret that, but learn from it instead.


Number 4:

‘No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man’

– Heraclitus


I haven’t seen this particular quote before but I have seen variations of it. It’s almost eye-opening to me. It is all about change. Change is constant, whether we notice it or not, but it is there and it is never-ending. You go to sleep one person and wake up as another, not literally, but there will be some part of you or your environment or anything has changed overnight. It’s like your taste buds, they die and regenerate every 10 days I think, it’s something along those lines anyway but that change is constant even though we might not realise it.


Number 5:

‘If you ever feel like giving up…just remember that there is a little girl who wants to be just like you. Don’t disappoint her’

– Unknown


I have also felt out of place, the loser, the ugly l, the easy target, etc. but this quote makes me think about all those other, younger girls in my school that might have looked up to me or thought that I was actually pretty or nice or something to strive to be. I definitely don’t think I was worth any of those thoughts but someone out there thought or thinks them, I just don’t know who or why. Whether you know it or not, someone somewhere does look up to you, don’t let them down by giving up and letting yourself down too.


Number 6:

‘Everything is ok in the end. If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end’

– Unknown


It’s such a simple little quote but it has so much power and influence behind it. It is one of those quotes that can help me when I get anxious or stressed out. Another quote that partially goes with it is something along the lines of ‘Don’t wish for something to be finished or done because you will miss it when it’s over’. I’m sure everyone wishes for something to be over with every now and then but for those important or memorable moments, don’t wish for or let them pass you by so quickly.


Number 7:

‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’

– Winston Churchill


My first thought when I read this quote was, even though it might be hard or painful, keep going and don’t quit because you will get to that light at the end of the tunnel’. If you can through hell and make it through then you are strong, fearless and someone to look up to. If hell can’t break you then nothing can, always stay strong and don’t give up, no matter how hard it may seem. Even though it goes a bit against one of my previous quotes, I have almost always regretted quitting things, whether it be learning guitar, French or playing tennis, I look back at those moments and think about where I could be right now if I hadn’t given up and quit. That will always be one of the downfalls.


Number 8:

‘A woman is like a teabag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water’

– Eleanor Roosevelt


When I read this quote, I instantly think of how small and weak looking I am to everyone else. I’m 5’3 and weigh 43kgs at 21 years old, which is way smaller than I should be at this age. Even though this quote is talking more about how a woman deals with struggle or battle, I also see it as a ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ situation, which is the part that speaks to me the most. Most people don’t expect much of me when it comes to fights, heavy lifting or anything that they think could literally break me, but when I am put to the test or I do have to do some heavy lifting, I will take it and fight back even if I don’t really do much damage. Like I said, don’t judge a book but its cover, because you might be surprised.


Number 9:

‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it’

– Charles R. Swindoll


I love this one. It’s putting everything on you and telling you to think about how to deal with it. As you go through life there will always be moments that you can’t control, but when in those situations you decide how you want your life to go, how you want people to perceive you and everything else, with how you react. It’s a more inspiring way to say, ‘think before you do’ because your life will change, for either better or worse, depending on how you choose to ‘do’.


Number 10:

‘I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that will not work’

– Thomas A. Edison


I need to remember this one more. Most of the time I will refuse to fail and continue to try my best until I get the outcome I want but that doesn’t always happen. There are times where I refuse to keep going or even begin to try something because I have given up or am just scared to fail. It always helps when I have someone there to support me, someone that won’t lie down without a fight because if I am given free rein to not do something then I will find every excuse in the book not to unless someone pushes and pushes to the point where it’s too late to back out.


I always love reading different quotes and being inspired by them. There are a few that I will always carry beside me like a number 2 and 3 above. It may not seem like much but I believe that I would be in a different world without them by my side.


Comment below with some of the quotes that you love or live by!




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  1. Happy Christmas Megan.
    You are such an inspiration every time you write. You amaze me no end. Those quotes are just so meaniful. I am blown away by them. You are so right too. They will mean different things to different people but they will help everyone in the end.

    Thank you so much for them.
    I wish you all the luck in the world darling. You have always been brill in my eyes and I am so proud of everything you have achieved. You are the best and I love you very much.
    Have a fab Christmas and an exciting 2018. Its all ahead of you girl. Just go live it.

    Lots of love to you and Guille.

    Ann & Michael xxxx

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