I spent most of my childhood and teenage years doing some sort of sport, usually through school. I played soccer, tennis, netball, swimming and Gaelic football, among others. Once I left school though, I didn’t really exercise at all, save for walking to the city and back every so often. Once I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition (which you can read about here) I was told to start exercising again to help build muscle and to relieve some of the pain. It took another year for me to finally listen to what everyone had been telling me and I finally gave the gym a try. So far it has helped a fair bit, mostly with the relieving of pain.

So, I have decided to share my fitness routine with you guys.

I start off with 6 minutes on the treadmill. I start with a speed of 5.5km/hr for 2 minutes, then I bump it up to 6.0km/hr for the next 2 minutes and then finishing on 6.2km/hr for the last two minutes



My second exercise is the leg press. I do 12 reps of 20kgs and I do 3 sets of this with a 60 second rest time in between.


Leg Press

Next, I do the leg curl. For this one, I do 10 reps of 10kgs (sometimes 15kgs). I do 3 sets of this also with a 60-second rest in between.


Leg Curl

This next one is my probably my favourite exercise/machine. it is the pulldown exercise on the lat machine. I do 12 reps of 20kgs with 3 sets and a 60 second rest time in between.


Lat Machine

Then I have the chest press. This one is a little harder for me so I usually do only 10 reps of 5kgs – sometimes 10kgs. This one is also 3 sets with a 60 second rest time.


Chest Press

Next, I do planking. This one is 3 sets of 30 seconds with a 30 to 60 second rest time in between.



My last exercise is on the rowing machine. I row for a 4:00 minutes at 20rpm



This routine goes for around 40 minutes each time so it’s not too long at all but I definitely feel like I have accomplished something in that time.

I never thought that I would be someone who went to the gym due to my small frame and ‘too young’ face but now I am there 3 to 4 times a week. It’s a great feeling knowing that I am doing this and helping myself, both short and long-term.

Exercise can be fun and it can help you in more ways than one. If you are thinking about going to the gym then just go. There is no one or nothing stopping from you from doing it except you, and once you get going, you’ll wish that you had gone sooner. Always talk to your trainer first and try to have at least one one-on-one session with them before starting. And remember, you won’t see results straightaway but if you keep it up, they will come.


What’s your fitness routine like? Comment with it below.




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