What’s in your bag?

I’ve seen a few other blogs do a post like this where they show their viewers what they have in their bags. It’s simple but it also looks like a lot of fun, so I thought I’d give it a go.
NB: Excuse the crappy photos.

  1. Wallet – I think it’s a given that I have my wallet in my bag haha. I can’t drive, get medical help or actually buy anything without it.
  2. Holy Water – When I was about 8-years-old a woman came to my Granny’s door selling Holy Water and my Granny bought one for me. My Granny was a very religious woman and even though I am not, I try to respect her and her belief’s where I can. This was one of those time, and now, about 13-years later, I still have that same bottle of Holy Water with me wherever I go.
  3. Nail File – I have ridiculously long nails and sometimes they get caught on things so having my trusty nail file is always helpful haha.
  4. Glasses – This one is kind of a given too since I actually need my glasses to see anything that is further than 30 feet away.
  5. Phone Charger – If I know I am going out for a while or my phone is on low battery, I will always bring my charger with me.
  6. NoteBook – My trusty note-book is almost always by my side. If I am bringing a bag with me then it will most certainly contain my notebook on top of all the other bits and bobs I have in there.
  7. Phone – Again, a given haha, although technically I store my phone in my pocket for easy access. OK so this is a pretty bad ‘photo’ haha.
  8. Reading Book – If I am getting the bus/train, going to work or going to a lazy place like the beach, then I will always have a book with me. Currently, I am about to start my next book called ‘The Jesus Dynasty’.
  9. Cigarettes and a Lighter – I am a smoker so it’s only common sense that I would have my smokes and a lighter with me wherever I go. (And yes, I know it’s a bad habit but I have my reasons – This will be talked about in another post).
  10. Tissues – So in the last few months I have been incredibly sick on and off, so tissues became my best friend and now I’m paranoid to leave the house without them.
  11. House Keys – I don’t always bring my house keys with me as I am usually with mum or I am driving so I already have a house key on the car keys. I will bring them when I go for a night out or I am getting the bus somewhere.
  12. Mirror – I have this cute little hand mirror that I got when I was about 12 and I keep it with me wherever I go. It comes in handy if I am out clubbing and I have make-up on, or when I have to take out/put back in one of my piercings.
  13. Mini-medicine kit – I always have my own miniature pharmacy in my bag. I currently have plasters/Band-Aids, painkillers, and anti-nausea tablets. For me, you just never know when you or someone around you might need a quick plaster so I always have a few of those handy. I have painkillers for my ‘chronic pain condition’ (which you can read about here) which usually fires up when I am out drinking or in a shopping centre so they give me that little push to actually make it to the car when I start to feel sore. I don’t use the anti-nausea tablets very often but I will bring them with me to the clubs/pubs for when I do start to feel ill after having a few too many.


It’s not a big list, but then again, my bag isn’t that big. I always try to have every single one of these items with me wherever and whenever I go out, whether it be to the shops, to the clubs or to work. Comment below with your list!




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