A Little Inspiration

I just set up an Instagram for my blog – which can be found at @vodkandaisies – and I was scrolling through the tag #blogging to look for some inspiration and also some idea as to what other bloggers usually post on their Instagrams. I came across a couple of posts from an Instagram/blog called @bigindastreetmag. I didn’t take much notice at first but when I went back and had a proper look at the two posts I could help but feel inspired and also a bit humoured at the same time. So, I couldn’t help but want to share them with you guys.


I really love this first one because to me it says ‘if you want to wear it or do it, just do it, because if it’s what you love then it doesn’t matter how ‘trendy’ it is or which celebrity endorses it’. It also tells me that I shouldn’t give a crap or be upset if my ‘trend’ or whatever I love isn’t popular because most things are not until someone like Rihanna comes and makes it popular. Another note is that it probably isn’t ugly, it’s just not endorsed yet.



This second one makes me very happy. I always worry that my content on here is crap or that what I’m writing about is the reason why no one really reads any of my posts but then I saw this and I realised that it doesn’t what anyone else thinks or whether I have 5000 subscribers/readers or not because I am doing what I love and I am doing it for me (and of course the few readers that I do have, but mainly me haha)

I’ve also realised that I’m super bad at signing off from shorter posts so I apologise and I will leave it as is 🙂



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  1. Megan, Hope you are feeling a lot better. Love your blog. Didn’t realise what a great memory you have and the way you can write about your past. Keep it up pet. Im loving it.
    Happy New year and I do really wish it is an exciting and healthy year for you. Love you. Ann

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