Some of you may know that Gilly and I are moving interstate soon. (If you didn’t then you can read my first ‘moving’ entry here) To be honest, we have been slacking off a little bit with packing and preparing. In light of this, I still made a moving checklist and we are now starting to focus on the whole process again. Some of these things are pretty straightforward while some might not even pop into your mind at all. So, here’s my checklist for moving house! (this is definitely not in any logical order).

  1. Redirect your mail
  2. Have somewhere to live – Check out houses, put your application in and get approved!
  3. Get a car – but only if you don’t have one already and/or you are going to live in an area that has buses/trains/bikes
  4. Pick a moving date and stick to it
  5. Organise internet – some internet providers can take up to 3 weeks to come out to you when they are heavily booked up so organise in advance
  6. Keep an inventory of all/any moving boxes
  7. If you are able to buy furniture prior to moving, then organise for it to be delivered on the day you move or the day after. Always remember to take measurements before you buy anything
  8. Pack an overnight bag – this will come in handy if you are driving/flying to your new home, or if you know that you won’t get through many boxes on the first day
  9. Organise accommodation for your kids and/or pets. This can be overnight or just for the day. For Gilly and I, we have a 21-hour car trip to do with our cat Peanut so we will have to organise pet-friendly motels on the way.
  10. Change your address. This could include your bank, voting or car registration.
  11. Obtain all medical records for you and your family. This also includes your pets. This is also only really necessary if you are moving to a new town, interstate or overseas.
  12. Fill prescriptions. If you are driving or flying for a few days, make sure you have all prescriptions topped up before you leave.
  13. Get your car serviced. This is super important if you are in for a long drive.
  14. Confirm moving details with the relevant parties. This will include the real estate agent, water/electricity company and internet company.
  15. Check your items off as they are loaded into the car/truck. Using your inventory list from above, check off each item or box as you go.
  16. Make a note of any damage found in your new home prior to moving in, or on moving day. This is super important as some landlords might charge you for the damage even though you didn’t cause it.
  17. Contact your new local council for information on garbage collection, pet registration, and any other information that they can give you as a new resident.
  18. Organise a garage sale or online sale of any items you can’t or don’t want to bring with you prior to leaving. This will give you some extra cash for lunch, accommodation and/or fuel if you are driving
  19. Allocate a budget. This could include how much you will need to pay for petrol or how much the moving van will cost.
  20. Make a pet travel kit. These can include some toys, a familiar blanket, her medical history on hand in case of an emergency and/or just some food and water
  21. Buy a crate for your pet. If you are driving with a pet like us, then you will need to keep your pet secured throughout the trip. You want to get a crate or carrier that is comfy, easy to clean and big enough for your pet to move around in but small enough so that they can’t injure themselves or fall around the place.
  22. Have an unpacking box. This will be home to any vital tools or equipment that you will definitely need on your first day.
  23. Organise to have spare keys
  24. Pack up any non-perishable foods or items that you can bring with you
  25. Take the batteries out of everything and then pop all the batteries in a little sandwich bag for safekeeping until you arrive at your new home.


Moving can seem pretty stressful but if you have your checklist and all the information you need on hand then the whole process will a lot easier for you. It’s always good to research tips and information so that you can get as much help as you can. You can never be too over-prepared when it comes to moving.

Do you have any other tips that might be useful? Comment them below.



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