10 facts about me

I always love when the authors of lifestyle and personal blogs post information about themselves as well as their regular posts. I find that it’s a great way to get to know the author a little better and to remember that they are also just a regular person like the rest of us. I love reading about what makes that person special or what makes them motivated. I also love being able to see a little bit of their personality in their other posts and why what they write about is important to them. Reading those sort of posts gives me a little bit of confidence and motivation to continue with my blog or with my other hobbies and dreams because I can see that I don’t need to be something extra special or a certain type of person to follow and actually complete my goals and aspirations, no matter how big or how small. Here are 10 random facts about me.

  1. I am a qualified veterinary nurse in Australia. I am a recent graduate but it is definitely an interesting industry to work in.
  2. I have a bizarre obsession with pineapples. I think I started using the word ‘pineapple’ in place of swear words when I was younger but that word is now a word I hold dear to me as strange as that sounds. (My first tattoo was actually a pineapple)
  3. I am incredibly stubborn. It is probably my worst quality.
  4. I get motivated at the worst possible times, like when I’m in bed or at 2 in the morning. I always say to myself that I will be super motivated tomorrow and by the time I wake up the motivation has disappeared.
  5. Most people can’t pick that I am from Ireland originally. I usually get called Canadian or American. It’s always funny when someone assumes rather than asks and I get a question like ‘when did you move from America?’ or a statement like ‘your American twang is rubbing off on me’ and then I have to explain that I’m from a completely different continent.
  6. I am a tattoo addict. I currently have 10 tattoos but I have loads more to add to my collection. (Sorry dad!)
  7. I try to be super organised, and on paper I am, but I am definitely not as organised in real life. I get sidetracked too easily or I procrastinate a lot.
  8. I am the second pickiest eater in the world (after my dad). I do really love my Asian food though. Sushi, butter chicken (ok, that’s Indian but it’s still amazing) and satay chicken are my go-to dishes.
  9. I love learning and knowledge. I know a little about a lot of different things like music, science, general facts and history. I’m actually creating my family tree at the moment while also doing a short course in freelance journalism.
  10. I was born in the wrong generation. I am a massive rock chick. I love my late 60’s to mid 90’s music. Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Alice Cooper. I also appreciate a bit of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, U2, James Taylor, AC/DC and Dire Straits. Can’t go wrong with the some of the classics.

That’s it! 10 random facts about me. I really am just a regular 20-something-year-old girl who likes to write about stuff. Want to know more? Check out my about page or have a read here.



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