Many of us have seen or at least heard of the website ‘Art of Manliness‘. One of their most notable posts is about the ‘100 skills every man should know‘. Well, what about us women? I’ve put together my list of 100 skills every woman should know or should at least have some knowledge of.

  1. Sewing
    You really never know when you might need this skill. Thankfully I have a mum that can do at least basic sewing so every time I buy clothes that are too big for me she tailors them to my size. I just need to learn this skill now
  2. Talking
    I think talking is a vital activity in every woman’s life. I think I’ve just about mastered it, although I can’t seem to make a long story short no matter how hard I try.
  3. Cooking
    This is one skill I probably will never master. I can barely cook toast properly let alone a proper meal. I have no instinct when it comes to cooking
  4. Baking
    Similar to cooking, but at least you have a set recipe for this. Baking is one thing I can do to an extent even though my skill is limited to brown bread, cupcakes and apple pie
  5. Driving
    Everyone should know how to drive, woman or not. It’s a valuable skill when done right.
  6. How to find the best bargains and/or sales
    I’m not very good at finding bargains or sales but my mum definitely is. She is always on top of it and lets me know about any going on. It’s also pretty useful when looking to bulk buy items.
  7. Negotiating
    Haggling and negotiating are some of my mothers strongest points. She can just about get anything for a cheaper price. I’m still working on this skill but I usually come out on top when I do try it.
  8. Packing
    From suitcases to small bags to boxes, packing is a very important skill. It’s amazing how much more you can fit in a small bag when you pack it properly.
  9. Dress for the occasion
    It’s always nice to dress properly for an event. There’s nothing worse than going to a restaurant in a nice floor-length dress only to find out that everyone is wearing jeans or a nice playsuit.
  10. How to be a makeshift nurse
    You never know when you will need to go from regular mum to specialist nurse in under a minute. Whether it is just a scratch, cut arm or the flu you always have to be ready and prepared
  11. Write in cursive
    It’s not a prerequisite but it definitely looks good when signing a document or writing a letter
  12. Make a bed
    I’ve literally only mastered the art of bed making in the last month or so. Before that, I just could not get that pesky fitted sheet to go on and stay on
  13. Organise a wardrobe
    I think that being able to organise your wardrobe is very important. It not only looks nice but it also allows you to see exactly what you have and frees up some space too
  14. Bake bread
    I mentioned this briefly before but being able to make really good bread is always a plus. In my family, brown bread is a recipe that has been in the family for a while so it is a pretty important skill for us
  15. Dance
    Nothing is better than being able to dance at an event, whether that’s at a wedding or at a pub. You never know when you might need to break out some moves
  16. Clean the house
    Being able to keep the house spotless or pretty close to that is a skill all in itself. Knowing where to start, what product to use and how often you need to clean is super important in keeping the house nice and presentable
  17. Prioritising
    Prioritising is important anyway but it’s especially important for parents or big families. Being able to get the big chores or the grocery shopping done while the kids are at school or knowing which kid takes the longest time to get ready so needs to wake up first is the pinnacle of being on top of your home and family
  18. Buy the perfect present
    Shopping for a gift is hard already but being able to get that perfect gift for every occasion whether for a baby shower or your mum’s 80th is impressive and should be aimed for as much as possible
  19. Host an event
    Putting on a great event, conference or party is a must. You become a hero with friends and people are more likely to come again if they had a good time the first time
  20. How to fold a fitted sheet
    I may have figured out how to make a bed properly but I am still yet to even remotely understand how to fold a fitted sheet.
  21. How to bank/manage money
    Being on top of your finances is super, super important. And, it’s even better if you can show your S/O how to do it too so that they can also deal with it if you don’t have the right permissions to do so.
  22. How to do a proper grocery shop
    This includes buying the right ingredients for dinner and also buying the things you actually need whilst also keeping your shopping list in your head and knowing exactly what you need to refill or replace.
  23. Pick wine or champagne
    I don’t drink wine but I love the Wolf Blass champagne. It’s cheap and tasty!
  24. Apply makeup without a mirror
    Yeah, I’m never going to be able to do this ever. I can’t even put foundation on without almost touching the mirror to see where I am putting it even though it’s supposed to go everywhere
  25. Hold a conversation
  26. Paint a room
  27. Pick the right bra size/know your bra size
    This till gets me sometimes. I wear one size but get told I’m another size but then they don’t even fit. I have to look into this one a bit more
  28. Iron clothes
    This can be so hard depending on what you are ironing. I can’t for the life of me iron an item that requires a ‘cold iron’. The water either leaks out or I put it on high and it just takes half the material off when I lift the iron back off. It’s really a lose-lose situation for me
  29. Eat at a cafe/restaurant alone
    I’ve done this a few times, and as long as I have something to read I’m usually pretty content.
  30. How to fill up a car with fuel
  31. How to live alone (even if you never will)
  32. Know which questions to ask
    This can be anything from buying a car or renting a house to buying ripe fruit
  33. How to remove a stain
  34. How to soak clothes
  35. What to stock up on and when
    This can be things like stocking up on beer, soda and meat for Christmas by buying it all in November and freezing certain items or it could be bulk buying 30 tubes of toothpaste because they only cost $12
  36. How to use formal cutlery
    I still have no clue how to do this or how many different pieces of cutlery I would even have
  37. How to walk in high heels
    And those little tips and tricks to a more comfortable night such as wrapping your third and fourth toes together (I’m not sure if this even works but I probably won’t try it
  38. Drink without worrying about the impending hangover
    I usually just eat loads of greasy food like cheeseburgers after a night of drinking which helps relatively well. I mainly end up feeling hungry for the whole of the next day instead of a regular headache or vomiting
  39. Make small talk
    I definitely haven’t mastered this and probably never will.
  40. Hold a baby
    I actually don’t think I’m strong enough to hold a baby, maybe a newborn, but not a 1-plus-year-old at the very least
  41. Choose the right or ripe fruit
  42. Filing
    This includes both your nails and your important documents
  43. Locating lost items
    Somehow most mums just know exactly where everything is. I’m not a mum but I am pretty good at this, especially when I tell someone *cough* men *cough* where something is and they can’t find it until I have to get up and show them
  44. Organise appointments
    I’m pretty good dealing with doctors appointments and the optometrist but I am yet to sort out dentists and skin checks for myself. I’m happy to make them all for everyone else thought or at least remind them to make the appointments
  45. Gardening
    I have a cactus called Betty and that’s pretty much it. I can’t keep anything else alive and I definitely don’t have the instinct or patience for gardening in the slightest.
  46. Play Tennis
  47. How to design the inside of a home
    I’m talking about the furniture, colour schemes and mix-n-matching. Knowing what looks good and what doesn’t is important and looks amazing when done right. I tend to buy things that I like, not what looks good
  48. Balance home and work life
    This can be a challenge for some people especially if you work long hours and then just sleep as soon as you get home. You may be in your house, but you are not at home
  49. Know exactly when to leave the house
    This can include going to pick up your kids from school, you don’t want to turn up after they are already outside but you also don’t want to turn up and end up waiting 20 minutes while they get their bags or talk to the teacher.
  50. Own a plant
    Finally, something I have done! I do own a plant as you can see above at number 45. She’s still alive after a year which is good. My last two cacti didn’t last very long. I think one was ‘given’ to my dog, thinking it was a toy (I don’t know how either) and my cat Peanut broke the other one.
  51. Have a favourite book/series or author
    At the moment I love Kathy Reichs but I have also always been a huge fan of Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson.
  52. Have a favourite movie/TV show
    This is a tough one. I always loved Peter Pan (2003) but I also adore the TV show Victoria
  53. Have a favourite song/band
    This is a very easy one for me. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N Roses is easily my favourite song in the world and by one of my most favourite bands too
  54. Take a class
    It’s not so much a skill as like a requirement for everyone to get out there and take a class in something you love. It can be anything from cooking to guitar to photography to how to grocery shop efficiently
  55. Have a signature greeting/leaving gesture
    Most people go for a good old handshake, slight kiss on the cheek or a hug. I opt for hugs for people I know but otherwise, it’s usually a handshake or just whatever the other person opts for instead
  56. Learn to make decisions quickly
    This is important! Especially when you have kids or when in a rush. Your first choice is usually the right choice
  57. Learn to speed read
  58. How to navigate
  59. How to follow instructions
  60. How to eat properly
    I’m talking about actually cooking meals, not eating take-out every second night and then 2-minute noodles every other night. This also includes eating healthy food. At the moment I can cook plain pasta and pancakes at best and you really can’t live off that
  61. How to clean just about anything
  62. Learn how to research
    This can be anything from a recipe to plumbing pieces for that new shower. If you aren’t in the industry for some things then you really need to be super careful about being duped by hardware store workers and tradesmen, especially when they know that you have no idea what you are doing. My brother actually overheard a hardware store worker telling an unsuspecting woman that she didn’t need to waterproof the floor in her new bathroom as it was a waste of money. My brother, being a plumber, had to intervene and fix the situation before the woman made a badly uninformed decision and flooded her bathroom.
  63. Make your case in writing
    If you are asking for a raise, applying for a loan, or sending in an insurance claim, it is always nice to write it by hand with beautiful and professional handwriting
  64. How to write
    If you know the basics of writing you can pretty much do anything
  65. Ride a bike
  66. Ask for exactly what you want/need
  67. How to interact/talk to a child
    This is one thing I will probably only master when I have my own kids. Talking and interacting with children is an art in itself.
  68. Treat a hangover
    If you do end up with a hangover, it is always a great idea to know how to stop it or at least curb some of the symptoms
  69. Get rid of bad habits and keep the good ones
  70. Hang laundry on the line
    When it comes to clothes on a small line I have no problems but when it is sheets or a line that is attached to a wall, I tend to fail pretty quickly.
  71. How to send a card
    This is to with how to write a card, what to write in a card and how to send it, things like how many stamps you need and if you even need a stamp in the first place
  72. Set a table
  73. Fix a bad hair day
    My hair tends to be super frizzy and basically a white girls afro so keeping my hair under control or even guessing how my hair will look when it dries is like predicting the president of the USA in 2090, It’s impossible and will probably turn out pretty bad
  74. How to pay attention or pick up on people and different things
    My best example for this is picking up on when your dog or your kid is sick and they can’t tell you so reading their body language and noticing different or new mannerisms is super helpful and important
  75. Use google effectively
    I’m talking about typing ‘define: blogging’ instead of ‘what does the word blogging mean’. Yeah, it might get you to the same place but it can also weed out the pointless results that you don’t need to see
  76. Parallel park
  77. How to cook an egg
  78. Wrap a gift
  79. How to choose the right makeup for you
    I’m still working on this. I tend to go for a foundation that is exactly my skin colour but my mum insists on the one that is a shade darker because it makes me look less sickly
  80. How to apply fake tan
    I actually despise fake tan but I am also very afraid of it so I avoid it at all costs
  81. How to use a face mask
    I haven’t figured this out either. Beauty just doesn’t make sense to me
  82. How to exfoliate
  83. How to shave without getting razor rash or cutting your heels
  84. Have a signature perfume
    I don’t have one myself because I just wear whatever was given to me as a present but my mum and my granny had one. They never strayed far from it either, if at all
  85. Wake up and stay up
    Once your alarm gets up, just get up. Going back to sleep will just make you more tired and groggy throughout the day so you will end up having a nap and thus losing out on valuable time
  86. Basic math
    I think knowing basic math is very important for anyone but it definitely helps to know it if you are the main money person in the family
  87. How to take care of a pet
    This includes basic needs including food, toys, exercise and veterinary advice
  88. How to take care of your skin
    I mentioned a few before but taking care of your skin is so important, especially as you get older. Like I said before, I am not very beauty inclined so it’s probably going to take me a few more years and some beauty classes for me to get up to speed on what I should be doing every day
  89. How to write a resume
  90. Administrative skills
    This is important for most jobs but it is also great to have them when you are at home too. It can help to know the best technique for filing documents or just knowing where everything is both digitally and paper-based.
  91. How to make a major purchase
    This can include buying a house, renting, buying a car or buying insurance. It is very important to shop around, know what to look for – both good aspects and possible defects – and which is the best option for you that is also within your budget
  92. How to use coupons
  93. How to choose the right professional
    Like with major purchases, it is important to shop around and get reviews for different professionals for different tasks. Don’t just go for the cheapest because they could rip you off but don’t go for the crazy expensive one either because they are probably going to rip you off too
  94. Know who to vote for
    Having a good idea of whom to vote for is super important when an election does pop up. You should look at who the candidates are, what they want to do, what they have done before and if they have kept their word previously.
  95. How to multitask
  96. How to smile
    This might seem pretty self-explanatory but having a great smile is super important for those important photos and when you talk to someone. You want to give them the best impression and a great smile will always help
  97. How to teach
    It’s important to be able to teach those around you new skills. If you have children, then you are constantly teaching them new things, and if it’s your spouse, it could be teaching them how to use a computer or how to do the banking. You don’t need a teaching degree but you do need a little bit of instinct and patience
  98. How to fight your own battles
    It’s a little embarrassing calling your mum and crying to her about how mean your boss is when you’re 36 years old already. Once you go out into the real world you have to fight for yourself
  99. How to read a contract
    This is so, so important. There are so many loopholes and funny words used in contracts and can catch you out if you don’t understand what you are actually agreeing to
  100. How to read other important documents
    It’s very important to read all documents. This includes your water usage or your insurance policies. You always need to be in the loop of what you have signed up for and knowing where those documents are in case you need to read them again or require them to inquire about something related like claiming for a car accident.Do you agree with these 100 skills? Is there anything you would add to them? Let me know in the comments below!




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