This past month I have really been trying to better myself by focusing on my health, food and minimalizing. I have also been working on becoming a better writer and being more organised. I actually just bought my first bullet journal yesterday so I’m pretty excited to start writing in it and following it. I have had all these great ideas and things I have been wanting to do last month so that I can better my life and become healthier in every way but like most New Year’s Resolutions, mine are not going very well. I’ve decided to start keeping and writing down my monthly goals so I can keep on top of everything. Now that you know a little bit about my goals and focuses from January, here is my February! Some of these will probably overlap too.



I really want to focus more on my writing. I’ve been pretty focused on growing my blog last month but now I want to start writing daily or at least every second day. I also want to put more effort and time into my course. I’ve only completed one or two of my assessments and I have three weeks’ worth still to do before Monday. I will mention though that I have two years to do my course and no deadline per say but I would love to get all the assessments in before the next one comes out.


I can’t wait to start my bullet journal. I am still grasping the concept of it and I am definitely not very artistic, so it will be a major learning curve for me. I just hate being so organised and unorganised at the same time. I have a ton of notes, tips and reminders all written down but all in one, tiny, jumbled journal so it’s not exactly helping. I also need to start prioritising more too.



I really want to learn how to cook and start eating better. I want to start experimenting with different foods, especially vegetables so that I can expand my palette and eat healthier. I am also planning to start taking care of my anxiety. I am pretty sure that my current nausea (that has now been going on for over a month) is all caused by stress and my anxiety. The plan is to see a psychiatrist, but I will probably have to wait until I move to Victoria before doing that (loooooooong waiting lists will be the death of me)


I am very excited to be moving in just a couple of weeks! We still have a lot of packing to do and we still don’t have a house, so we have a few busy weeks ahead of us. I am a bit nervous about the drive down since I am still getting pretty bad nausea when I get in a car. I am also a little worried that the nausea is caused by stress which means that the nausea probably won’t go away until after we move.


Style and beauty

I really want to start focusing on fashion and beauty more and then sharing them with everyone. It will not only make me pretty happy and give me motivation, but it will also be a huge learning curve for me which I love.

I am super excited to put these goals into action and start bettering myself in all aspects of my life, especially the healthy side of it. Even though these are my goals for February, they will most likely become part of my goals for every month, but I know that once I get started and organise it all, I won’t stop.
What are your goals for February, or even 2018 in general? Have you completed any of those goals yet? Let me know in the comments below!



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