Stress is probably one of the worst things in life. It can have a pretty serious effect on some people. For me, if my anxiety starts playing up it stresses me out and I end up having a panic attack, becoming really irritable or get super nauseous. But in saying that there are methods out there that can help reduce stress.



Vitamins can be really good if you are like me and deal with both stress and anxiety pretty regularly. I take a regular pharmacy brand that has things like magnesium, vitamin C and other important things that really do keep me calmer. It does take a couple of days to work but once it does you can definitely feel a change. In saying that, always talk to your pharmacist first and always read the packaging as some can have side effects  – I found one that could affect decrease the Pill’s effectiveness so that didn’t work very well for me. If vitamins aren’t for you then you can also get little jelly sweets that you can take whenever you know that you will be in a stressful situation and they actually really work – I didn’t think they would for me since my anxiety is like an eight out of ten on a good day but they did. They didn’t fully calm me down but enough that I wasn’t in a full-blown panic attack.


Healthy Eating

Healthy eating has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The more unhealthy foods you eat the more likely you are to have trouble with stress. Things like overeating, feeling guilty or eating/drinking things that can enhance or increase your moods for short periods of time are likely to increase your stress levels. You can read more on that here.


Incense/Essential Oils

Incense can help with stress and anxiety. There are specific incenses out there have been designed for different ailments or issues. You can get some that will help you sleep better, you can get ones that can help with headaches, others can help with sensuality, you can pretty much get incense for everything, including stress. Burning incense before you sleep or before you go into a stressful situation can help to relax you. Essential oils pretty much do the same but you don’t have to burn them. You can put a few drops in a bath or on a warm cloth. If you aren’t sure which scents or essential oils to use, you can check some out here.



I will admit that yoga and meditation didn’t really work for me although I would love to give them another try, especially the meditation. I have a hard time relaxing my mind and sitting still for meditation and I’m not very flexible for yoga so I pretty much stopped trying after a few sessions – definitely a regret now. But, in saying that, yoga and meditation have helped countless people over the years so don’t hate on it straight away just because it didn’t work out for me. If you need a little more proof you can check out this article. Meditation and yoga promote mindfulness and by regularly participating in these practices you can basically train your body to relax quicker.



Luckily last is music. I’m not talking about rock, pop or rap music, I’m talking about relaxation music. Relaxation music is pretty easy to come by. Just head to YouTube and look up Relaxation Music and you will have thousands of hits instantly. You can also check out iTunes which also has loads of different tunes too. I love Peder B. Helland’s Flying track. It is so relaxing and puts me to sleep pretty quickly too. You can download it on iTunes along with about 20 other tracks. You can check out Flying here.


Have anything to add? Have you tried any of these tips before? Tell me about your experience in the comments below



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