The last few weeks I have been trying to read through and pick out over 100 different tips and tricks to make my blog better and my absolute favourite tip was to have an editorial calendar. What is an editorial calendar? Well, while I’m not 100 percent sure why it’s actually called that, what I can tell you is that it is basically a calendar dedicated to your blog posts. I will add a snippet of mine below but for now, I will tell you a little bit more about what it includes.

The first thing you need is a platform to set up your calendar. This could be in Google Docs, Excel or in a book. At the moment I am using excel because it is quick, easy to use and I can have access to it wherever I go – plus I have horrid handwriting so it looks way prettier and has no mistakes. I will be transferring it over to my new bullet journal – which I will provide a snippet of soon, but for now, excel is my new best friend.

Next, you want to design the layout and sections. You will need columns for the date, day, posts, category, status and other. You can check out what I mean below.


Since starting my calendar the one huge thing that it has helped me with is scheduling. Before I even heard about these types of calendars I was either trying to push out a post a day, on the day with no schedule set up, or I was just writing when I felt like it. I had no consistency and was lacking in some creative motivation. I was searching for ideas, images and everything else while I was writing rather than organising what I needed prior to starting.

Now I have a schedule where I organise my posts, information, pictures and everything else up to a month in advance. I ended up deciding to post every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday so you now know when to expect new content instead of guessing. (Also sorry for missing yesterdays post! I promise to keep on schedule from now on!)

On the note of bullet journaling, my handwriting makes me want to vomit because it really is that bad. I tend to get pretty overwhelmed with what needs to be in it, when I will write in it, will I start slacking off, and will it even look nice. I’m only about 3 pages in so far and I’ve already changed the first page 4 times (You can actually see the wrinkles from constantly erasing on the second photo), so I think this is definitely going to be a huge challenge for me. So, for now here is why I haven’t yet transferred my editorial calendar to my bullet journal – or bujo as its also known which is kinda cute actually.



Do you have a Bullet Journal or an Editorial Calendar? Do you do yours differently? Tell me about it in the comments below!



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