Ladies its time to put out those umbrellas and get ready in time to welcome the fresh air of autumn!

Now autumn is a time of wearing those favourite cardigans or sweaters that you necessarily don’t get to wear when its summer!

You might also be thinking of getting rid of items that will no longer serve you this season, but in this case, you might have some pieces that you might want to hold onto such as last year leggings or boots.

In the true sense of purging your closet for autumn, why not jazz up some of these pieces with new looks such as adding colour to your wardrobe?

Never mind that most days you might experience some rain, today I am going to share with you 3 outfits that you can wear from morning to nighttime.

I will be showing you how you can piece together your favorite pieces with some pop of colour!

Are you ready and as excited as I am?

Here goes!

Morning wear httpswww.polyvore.commorning_2018setid=234633052.png

Morning ready to wear classic piece

If you are a busy Australian lady and want to look fashionable when you leave home, whether you are running errands, dropping the kids off at school you want to remain comfortable right through.

Leave those rubber boots in your closets and wear slip ons instead! You can pair this look with your jeans or tights with a pop of red or blue slip on, even if outside is not too cold you can sure bring your favorite coat just in case.

Why go all bland on your favorite tights or leggings start your morning off by adding a pop of sparkle or better yet try leggings that are patterned on the light side, granted you have chosen a shoe that is bright for the morning.

Want to go for something more lighter, you can wear brown instead with a pop of pink with your morning pieces.

Don’t forget that your jewellery or accessories should have some colour as well if you decide to go on the lighter side!Day-wear-httpswww.polyvore.comafternoon_2018setid234630942-2103999803-1518232472738.png

Afternoon ready to wear chic piece

Ready for that coffee break? I have got you covered right in time for lunchtime.

Instead of wearing a chunky sweater in the afternoon, I suggest wearing a dress paired with flats in a colour that can blend with your handbag.

If by chance you do not want to go all-bold on your feet, remember to choose shoes that are in one tone so that they can complement your outfit.

Want to cover this outfit if it’s too cold? Why not wear a statement blazer or leggings to go with your outfit!

You can also pair this blazer with your favorite Uggs if you so desire.

Night wear httpswww.polyvore.comnight_2018setid=234631905

Diva night out ready to wear piece

Tonight might be a girl’s night out or simply put date night.

Why not channel your inner diva by adding a bit of flair to your soft coats.

Instead of your basic black, let’s go with a different colour tonight such as green.

You can’t go wrong with having a nice pair of pumps to go dancing as well!

If you choose a dress that is as bold as this one, don’t forget that simplicity is key.

You do not necessarily have to accessorize with too much jewellery. Less is more and you can’t go wrong with less.

Ladies, now you have your must-have pieces for autumn!

Start your morning right with your classic pieces and end the night out with your girlfriends or date on the dance floor with your diva pieces.



Juli has been pretending to walk in heels since the early age of 2. She is a lover of diamonds & everything pink. Juli is a virtual assistant by day at her self-owned and operated business JuliVAGlobal and a Personal Stylist by night. She can be found on Facebook/Instagram @JuliVAglobal


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