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Since moving to Victoria I have been obsessed with making lists, checklists, you name it, I’ve probably made it at this point. I’m not very good at remembering what I need to do nor do I usually have the motivation to get up and do things unless I have it written somewhere. In the last couple of weeks, I have been lacking in motivation and also self-care as I started a new medication for anxiety so it’s taken a bit of a toll on me but I’m ready to get back to who I used to be at the very least or even better than before if I put my mind to it. So if you are like me and love to make lists or organise your life as much as possible then this is a post for you!

One of the most important checklists I think everyone should have is a chore or housekeeping checklist. I live by my checklist and check it daily. Plus it shows Gilly exactly what needs to be done too if I’m not around to remind him (sorry Gilly). It also allows me to keep track of whats been and what still needs to be done before week’s end.


I have a hard time remembering to do the most basic of things when I know I’m not leaving the house for the day. As gross as it is, showering and brushing my hair tends to be forgotten while I lounge on the couch. My brain works in a way that if I don’t have to put on proper clothes then I don’t have to brush my hair or teeth for example. It’s very annoying and I hate not taking care of myself, especially since I know that having a healthy body and taking care of myself can help my anxiety and depression. I’ve made lists for this before but I’ve never kept to it because I always limit myself. For example, I had one list which was just my day written out by the hour. It definitely didn’t work, especially when I didn’t wake up at the time I set for myself. It just was plausible. Now I have a similar list to the chores list that I can hang on my door or fridge so I have to look at it every morning. Once I start getting into the habit of following this routine I won’t need the list anymore. My routine might seem silly but when you’re like me and lack motivation and deal with mental illness, stuff as menial as this gets pushed back every day until you work up to it or someone makes you do it.

Daily routine

I have countless books, pieces of paper and reminders around the house to keep me organised. I am one of those people who needs a concrete routine right in front of me all the time for me to actually do it so I love having these lists on the fridge because I end up feeling guilty at the end of the day if I haven’t done anything on the list. It gives me that little extra push to make sure I do the tasks that I need to do each day.

Do you have any lists that you live by or rely on every day? Do you motivate yourself differently when it comes to chores or self-care? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. I am constantly making lists too! I make to do lists all the time, especially for work. I work from home so time management is a struggle! Making lists honestly calms me down haha

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