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How good is date night? Date night is like a staple activity each week, or sometimes each month, so you and your partner stay sane. I love date night and I have also found that Gilly and I have been going to more exciting places and doing more fun things that we did before we moved states. Becoming the tourist in your town is the first step to upgrading your date. So, I’ve compiled 5 fun yet cheap date night ideas for you and your partner to enjoy! Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed anything.

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Have a picnic on a mountain/lookout

Not only is this idea really cheap, it is also very romantic. It’s a great spot to watch the sunrise or sunset together, and with the best views of your town/city right in front of you, so you don’t have to worry about being unromantic in front of your partner.


This is me at the Asylum

Go exploring

I adore exploring! And in a town as small and rural as ours, there is a lot of history to adventure through. Recently Gilly and I went to an old Asylum after dark and explored the grounds with some friends. Don’t worry, it was legal (but always make sure you are not trespassing at any point). Little adventures like the Asylum are easily my favourite date night ideas (and you always leave with far more memories than if you went to the movies)


Chocolate Cafe

I mean, who can pass up chocolate? Chocolate not only tastes amazing but it is super romantic (especially since it releases endorphins in your brain when you eat it which adds to the romance). Plus, it’s always nice to treat yourself every now and then. Just remember to double-check that your partner like chocolate fondue with strawberries to dip (because I didn’t…whoops)

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Go to a Convention/Expo

For the nerdier couples out there (like Gilly and I), heading to a convention like Comicon or Supernova, or even just a tattoo expo is super fun. Obviously, they only happen once a year each in your city but that just means you can plan ahead. There are always a million stands and famous actors, comic designers, voice actors, cosplayers, and activities at Comicon and supernova, so there is never a dull moment and you get to meet a ton of your idols or favourite gamers at the same time. Each convention is different of course so if a book expo is more your still then get on it. It will take you about 3 hours to go through every table and aisle but it is totally worth it.

This is Oliver!

Hang out with rescue dogs

Head down to your local dog rescue together. You can hang out and play with all of the animals all day long. I mean, who doesn’t want to pet dogs all day? I know I do! Plus, if you’re like me, then you will come home with a cat accidentally (Okay, so it wasn’t an accident, more spontaneous). The volunteers will love you for going and entertaining the animals, and also giving them some new human interaction. You may even decide to volunteer at the rescue together regularly.


What is your favourite date night idea? Have you done any of the ideas mentioned above? Or have I missed one? Let me know below!



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