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When it comes to blogging, there is a lot to do to get up and running and stay running. You have to think about things like photography, social media, writing, marketing and so on. It can be pretty time consuming if you don’t know what you are doing or if you aren’t utilising the right tools. That’s where apps come in. There are a million and one apps out there to help you be the best you can be with the least amount of work. These apps are not only important for time management but they can also be the difference between a brand that is getting traffic, sales and engagement, and getting none of that at all. So, I have picked out my top three apps that I use to maximise my brand.



Canva is an amazing tool for creating social media posts and photos. All of the dimensions required for different platforms are already set up for you, all you have to do is click the template that fits what you are doing. I use it to make posts for Instagram, Facebook, worksheets and most importantly, Pinterest. I used Canva to create the picture above. It’s so easy to use and it has an endless amount of fonts, colours and free photos to use at your disposal.



I can’t live without Tailwind. I wish I had found it sooner because it has changed the blogging game completely! Tailwind is a scheduling app that allows you to schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts for as long as you want. It also includes a feature called smart scheduling which means that your posts are auto-published by the app at the times where you will most likely get the most engagement and response from your post. With Pinterest, you can schedule 100’s of pins in just a couple of hours. There’s so much more you can do with Tailwind that you couldn’t do alone. The best part? It’s super affordable at only USD$15 a month per account. You can start a free trial right here!



There are a fair few photography apps out there as well as built-in tools in other apps like your “photos” app on your phone or on Instagram but Lightroom is where it’s at. Not only does Lightroom incorporate all of the same features from your phone or Instagram but it has so much more. This program is used by photographers around the world for editing. It’s similar to Photoshop but a lot more user-friendly, so even the most non-techsavvy people can use it with ease. It gives you the opportunity to build a more professional looking portfolio without a course or lots of practice. Plus, there are a few bloggers out there that create presets for Lightroom which means all you have to do is download and apply in about 3 clicks.


What’s your go-to app/s? Have you used the ones I’ve mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below!




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