It is time to say goodbye to

Vodka & Daisies will no longer be active as of this moment. I have decided to start the next part of my blogging journey and have created a new website called Style Street Studios. It is currently under construction but will hopefully be up and running in a week or two! I will be changing up all of my social media and completely rebranding myself and my blog. You can find the new blog at!


I have had such a great time with Vodka & Daisies and I wish it could be apart of my new journey but unfortunately, it cannot. Thank you, everyone, for your support over the past year and helping me find my passion! I can’t wait to show you Style Street Studio and I hope that you all come with me on the next part of my journey.


A little bit about Style Street Studio. It is a fashion and beauty blog. It will be focusing on the usual fashion and beauty tips but also sewing and skin care. I will eventually be doing tutorials and videos on YouTube which will include tutorials for sewing, and also best picks in beauty along with a ton of other awesome stuff!


Again, thanks for sticking with me through my journey and I hope to see you on the new blog very soon!




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