Hey, I’m Meg

22 | Self-Proclaimed Blogger | Victoria, Australia

Welcome to Vodka and Daisies!

I am the founder and sole writer of my blog. I started my blog as a way to improve my writing skills and to share my experiences, thoughts, and passions with the world. My goal is to inspire people and to show others that you don’t need to be good at anything (like me) to create an awesome blog. I don’t have any experience with blogging, photography or writing so this is all a learning opportunity for me.

As mentioned above, I am 22 years old as of August 2018. I was born and raises in the land of potatoes and Guinness AKA Ireland. I moved to Australia when I was 10 years old and lived in Brisbane, Queensland up until February 2018. I now live in a little rural town in Northern Victoria.

I graduated from school in 2013 and I still don’t know what to do with my life. I have spent the last 4 years doing a course, graduating from said course and then changing my mind, again (and repeat). I have certificates in IT, Business and Graphic Design, a Diploma in Justice and I most recently became a qualified Veterinary Nurse (so email me all your pet questions here). My next venture is Journalism. I have just started studying at the Morris Journalism Academy online and so far it is amazing!

I don’t really have any hobbies. I tend to sit down and watch Netflix most of the time. I tend to lack motivation when it comes to trying new things. I used to be able to play lots of instruments but I would always quit if I had a horrid teacher or if I wasn’t getting it quickly enough. I’m hoping to get back into guitar and singing again soon, and maybe some violin too.

My absolute favourite things in the world (other than blogging) are pineapples (I like the look, feel and word but I actually hate the taste), reading – I hope to have my own private library one day – animals (I think that’s a given), music and tattoos (I have a mini obsession). Essentially I’m pretty boring and hobby-less for the most part.

My blog is a lifestyle/personal blog so I will be writing about all the weird and wonderful things that I love or experience, or pretty much anything and everything else that I want to tell you about. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you do here or in the comments!

You can email me, tweet me, snap me or leave a comment on my blog or posts whenever you want, about anything you want. I can be reached at @Vodkandaisies on Instagram, meg_siobhan on Snapchat, meg@vodkaanddaisies.com or right here on vodkaanddaisies.com.




  1. Hey Meg! I’m looking for new blogs to follow and literally searched “vodka” and found you! I’m loving your page. You are hilarious and I look forward to following your journey as you figure out your passion. I have a feeling this blog might be it! I’ll be following you on Instagram from my blog and personal accounts. Looking forward to connecting!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so happy you can share my journey with me. I’ll be following you back too 🙂

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