Zucchini Noodles with Bolognese and Olives

If you have been following along with my most recent posts Sick of being sick and Sick of being sick: part II then you will know that I have been struggling a lot with anxiety and I bet right now you are thinking “what the hell does zucchini have anything to do with anxiety?” Well, I’ll tell you. Healthy body = healthy mind. So, today I decided to start eating healthy and getting my life on track and on a better path to a healthy life. Tonight, Gilly’s mum and I cooked together, and for those who know me, I can’t cook at all so this was a very fun and new experience for me. And, what we cooked was zucchini noodles with Bolognese and olives and it was super yummy so I want to share our recipe with you.

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Sick of being sick: Part II

For those who have been with me for the last few months, you might remember that I became very sick around Christmas and that ‘sickness’ lasted for ages. Well, today I want to give you a little bit of an update on what has been really going down since that first post I made. It’s been so long since the first post that I can’t even remember what I originally wrote but I think I mentioned that I had seen a fair few doctors (I think at least 10), I started having panic attacks and I tried everything to figure out what was wrong with me. Before moving down to Victoria a couple of weeks ago I took one last shot with another doctor. We did some more tests but ultimately we decided that the reason I was so sick was because of my anxiety and the stress of everything that was going on combined.

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5 tips to reduce stress

Stress is probably one of the worst things in life. It can have a pretty serious effect on some people. For me, if my anxiety starts playing up it stresses me out and I end up having a panic attack, becoming really irritable or get super nauseous. But in saying that there are methods out there that can help reduce stress.


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Diet vs Exercise: Which one helps you lose more weight?

Diet vs. Exercise - FB


Does diet or exercise help you lose more weight?

You may have wondered at some point in your weight loss journey, “Does diet or exercise help you lose more weight?” It’s a common question that comes up when you’re looking to drop excess pounds. Are you better off following a strict diet or is it more useful to exercise regularly? Read on for an unexpected explanation, a recommendation, and four essential tips to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

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The part no one talks about

I have talked about living with depression and anxiety before but I haven’t really talked about the symptoms that are associated with them or at least the embarrassing ones. Any of the symptoms associated with these mental illnesses can be and probably will be very debilitating but when you suffer from some of the more embarrassing ones, that debilitating feeling becomes one hundred times worse. They can turn your life upside down that little bit quicker and make that day so much harder than it already is. I have experienced a fair few of these symptoms myself and still deal with some of them to this day. There is nothing worse than not being able to control your mind or your body.

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Body Positivity vs Fat Shaming

We see a lot of articles and photos promoting body positivity and how it is okay to be fat or ‘plus sized’. And, then you see the people who are so against all of that who ‘fat shame’ them instead. You see a photo of a plus-sized model or woman who talks about how she is beautiful even though she is at least a size 26. And, if you look at the comments of that photo you will usually be inundated with ‘You go girl!’, ‘Ignore the haters, they’re just jealous’, or ‘You’re so beautiful and an inspiration to us all’, but then there will be that small group of people saying ‘You’re disgusting’, ‘Lose weight’ or worse. Now, I’m all for body positivity, I envy those who love their body and embraces it, but I also support fat shaming. I’m not talking about the fat-shaming that is severely cruel or bullying, I’m talking about the fat shaming that says yes you are beautiful but it is not okay to promote obesity, and being obese is definitely not good for your health either. Continue reading “Body Positivity vs Fat Shaming”

My stance on the problem: Smoking

Smoking is pretty bad, right? Of course, it is. There have been countless studies on the effects of smoking and how bad it is for our health, especially in the long term where it can cause lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Australia has been a big no-smoking advocate for years now, to the point where they are constantly bumping up the price for a pack of cigarettes and going as far as trying to ban smoking everywhere except your own backyard. Every time some media outlet talks about smoking there is comment after comment condemning those who do smoke, some even telling smokers to kill themselves because they are trash and are going to die anyway. People constantly talk about the health risks and that smoking is the devil. Continue reading “My stance on the problem: Smoking”

Sick of being Sick

Have you ever been so sick and for so long that you just want to cry? That’s how I’m feeling right now. Last Friday night we had a party and then went clubbing. It was pretty fun. I always get something to eat before I go home and that night was no different. I usually just grab some nuggets from McDonald’s, and I didn’t change it up that night, except that I also ate half of a Halal snack pack which Gilly had bought for himself. We went home and went to bed and like usual I felt sickly hungry the next morning. I knew I was feeling a bit sick but I didn’t think much of it, especially when I went to drive to the airport to pick up my cousins. Continue reading “Sick of being Sick”

I don’t roller skate anymore

Back in October of 2013 I had just had my formal and was set to graduate high school. I was gearing up for Schoolies week at the same time. My last year at school was pretty good, I had loads of friends, great classes, was working on getting my red P plates for the car and had a pretty great boyfriend. Disaster struck in late October when my boyfriend became my ex-boyfriend unexpectedly. So, like most teenagers, I decided to have a night of drinking in the park with my friends to feel better. We ended up going roller skating first and then disaster struck yet again. While we were on the rink, my friend and I ran into each other and I flew straight over him and landed face first on the ground. Continue reading “I don’t roller skate anymore”

My Fitness Routine

I spent most of my childhood and teenage years doing some sort of sport, usually through school. I played soccer, tennis, netball, swimming and Gaelic football, among others. Once I left school though, I didn’t really exercise at all, save for walking to the city and back every so often. Once I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition (which you can read about here) I was told to start exercising again to help build muscle and to relieve some of the pain. It took another year for me to finally listen to what everyone had been telling me and I finally gave the gym a try. So far it has helped a fair bit, mostly with the relieving of pain.

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