How to wear your whole wardrobe

I’ve talked about how to get the perfect wardrobe before but the one thing I didn’t talk much about or really at all is how to choose which clothes to keep, how to create a great outfit or how to fully utilize what you already have. One of the biggest things I experience, as do many others, is making an outfit or at the very least not wearing the same outfit 4 times a week because its such an awesome outfit. I have some great clothes that I would wear every day if I could because of how good they look, how comfy they are and how I feel wearing them. My biggest problem is doing just that. I wear practically the same clothes day in and day out without changing it up much and the only time I don’t wear those clothes are when they need to be washed.

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The 3 ready to wear outfits every girl should own!

Ladies its time to put out those umbrellas and get ready in time to welcome the fresh air of autumn!

Now autumn is a time of wearing those favourite cardigans or sweaters that you necessarily don’t get to wear when its summer!

You might also be thinking of getting rid of items that will no longer serve you this season, but in this case, you might have some pieces that you might want to hold onto such as last year leggings or boots.

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The Perfect Wardrobe

Recently I decided to add style to the list of things I want to write about and share with you. Style writing is not something I am used to so this is going to be a super fun but also huge learning curve for me. I’ve recently been reading loads of style blogs and one thing that stood out to me was how to get the perfect wardrobe, so I have put together a list of my favourite tips and tricks to get one.

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Body Positivity vs Fat Shaming

We see a lot of articles and photos promoting body positivity and how it is okay to be fat or ‘plus sized’. And, then you see the people who are so against all of that who ‘fat shame’ them instead. You see a photo of a plus-sized model or woman who talks about how she is beautiful even though she is at least a size 26. And, if you look at the comments of that photo you will usually be inundated with ‘You go girl!’, ‘Ignore the haters, they’re just jealous’, or ‘You’re so beautiful and an inspiration to us all’, but then there will be that small group of people saying ‘You’re disgusting’, ‘Lose weight’ or worse. Now, I’m all for body positivity, I envy those who love their body and embraces it, but I also support fat shaming. I’m not talking about the fat-shaming that is severely cruel or bullying, I’m talking about the fat shaming that says yes you are beautiful but it is not okay to promote obesity, and being obese is definitely not good for your health either. Continue reading “Body Positivity vs Fat Shaming”