I absolutely love working with different people, both face to face and online, for different projects, so feel free to get in touch with me.

  • Writing – I love writing about different topics and ideas so if you would like me to write a piece for you or if you would like to write a piece for me then please read the section on guest posts and/or shoot me an email.
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Guest Posts

Every month I try to feature one guest post on my Vodka & Daisies. If you would like to be apart of this then read on!
As a guest blogger there are a few things that I require before you can be published, don’t worry it’s nothing too crazy but it does help make the process quicker and more efficient for both of us. You need to:

  • Be a lifestyle, health (this includes mental health and healthy eating etc), animal, beauty or fashion writer or blogger. If you have an interest in any of these topics or write about a similar topic that could incorporate any of the above then I want to hear from you too.
  • Provide me with a link to your blog or some form of written work by you that I can read
  • Have at least two topic titles or ideas ready. This one is not major but I am not going to be giving you the topic to write about, I want to hear what interests you and why you think my readers should know about it.

If you are featured:

  •  I will not only require the post itself but also a mini bio about you (a picture of you is optional), and also any pictures for the post and a couple for social media (although I am happy to use the pictures from the post)
  • A link back to Vodka & Daisies from your blog and any social media that you have mentioned said post on (oh and #vodkaanddaisies for Instagram)



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